I’ve been teaching since 2005. College courses, public high school, private high school. English, Theater, Graphic Design. I’ve thrown everything at the wall, and a few things stuck. 

My goal here is to provide useful conversation, articles, and resources for teachers like me — teachers who are always trying and failing, reflecting and experimenting.

Sample Resources.

Take a Poem Through Seven Drafts.

A template for a creative writing activity. Fold a paper into quarters, and follow the prompts to discover and refine a poem.

Four Pedagogical Epistemologies.

A one-page infographic summarizing the four dominant worldviews in the teaching profession. Handy for starting fights in the teacher break room.

The Composition of Folktales.

A multi-disciplinary lesson plan: How do the principles of composition (from graphic design) apply to the structure of folktales?

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