As a writer, I gravitate towards speculative fiction that engages in some way with belief systems and how they shape our reality. I have also occasionally published poetry and essays. Hover over titles — most are links!

In the village, lessons in Spidercraft were the children’s sacred duty. So, even in the grip of the Sickness, they showed up for Silk-knotting and Weaving, Lassoing and Climbing, Jumping and Reflexes, Patience and Trap-laying, Arachnomancy and Spiderlore.


Wondering as I walk which rocks are gneiss / and which are not, I see a beechnut on / the ground, halved, two-chambered like / a shotgun, and it fires on me twice

Headcanon is a safe place to indulge in denial. To take into our hands a wonderful but broken world, and hold the mess to our heart and patch it up.